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It is a reality that many people deny maybe because of the wonderful social impact that the NGO sector has contributed towards various causes in the society. It is logic vs emotion debates. The hardcore reality is that the NGO is dying sector, heading towards the path of dinosaurs; total extinction or different dimension.


1. Emergence of Social Entrepreneurs

The media calls them the new rock stars, the social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs are a new breed of entrepreneurs that measures profit not by money the enterprise makes but by the social impact. Social entrepreneurs don’t start charity organization, but they also don’t start for profit companies either. They are guided by the five pillars namely (a) Social Impact (b) Environmental Impact (c) Innovation (d) scalability and lastly (e) sustainability.
In Capitalism “sustainability” is right at the top, however with Social Entrepreneurs “sustainability” , is right at the bottom. This highlight a paradigm shift in our forever changing society. In simple terms social entrepreneurs starts organization that don’t require charity but still they render a service that is good enough to make the enterprise sustainable.

2. Companies starting their own foundation

Major companies are having the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) just for control purposes and to tick the relevant boxes as required by the authorities. In reality big companies are starting their own foundations (which registers either as NGO or Trust Fund), for example Pick ‘n Pay has the Pick ‘n Pay Foundation, money from the Pick ‘n Pay for profit company goes directly the Pick ‘n Pay Foundation. As a result they are nothing for stand alone NGO’s.
More and more NGO fund raising expert can attest to this.

3. Branding Visibility

Most companies would rather support initiatives that expose their own brand. Unfortunately most NGO’s are not build as brand, except for Gift of the Givers, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and very few others, majority of NGO’s are not build from branding point of view, rightly so because their founding member’s objective is not brand building but social impact. Most companies are not in the business of doing good are “heart” related transaction but they are in the business of making money by exposing their brands, only those NGO’s that can provide marketing leverage and brand exposure to companies stand to benefit, and as noted in point 2., the numbers are dwindling.

By starting to sell the baseball caps and t-shirts, Zebediela gae ga Mahlako NPO already understands this insights and thus taking measures in ensuring that we don’t become one of the many NGO’s that closed their doors.

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Written by Charles Tshwane, Founding Member (Zebediela gae ga Mahlako)

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Posted: on 30/10/15

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